"I dreamed of making the world smile, so I uploaded myself to the net!"

Hello everyone! I'm Sukai, but you can call me Sky if you'd like. I'm a virtual streamer who can't get enough retro console games. Subscribe on Twitch for gaming or Plexstorm for adult only streams (18+)!I've also got a Ko-Fi if you need some Vroid help!

Stream Schedule:
Twitch: Tues, Thurs @ 9:30PM EST
Lewd VHL Collab: Sun@ 9PM EST

Artwork by Holland Lophouse

vHentai Live

vHentai Live is a lewd streaming group consisting of myself and five other talented people. We often collaborate in lewd spaces, but you'll also probably find us on each-other's Twitch channels. Make sure to follow the Twitter and join the Discord so you don't miss a stream! We also have a seiso Twitch channel!Check it out at vHentai.live

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